Message from the Chair
Jerry Musselman, Chapter 206
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Before and beyond SCORE training

I am often asked, "What does it take to launch a successful business?" Without going into all the details of those requirements, SCORE can help you in your business process. With our training, workshops and counseling, you will learn what is involved in a good business plan, how to do market research and develop marketing strategies, understand financial concepts, discover competition awareness and industry trends, and on and on. However, I want to mention two things that SCORE cannot provide.

The first is Passion for Your Business. When starting a business - or for that matter, when running an existing business - there are times when nothing seems to work. The Accounts Receivable are growing, the Accounts Payable are increasing, payroll is due on Tuesday, cannot find good help, or my suppliers are late. In short, running a business is a challenging experience and there may be times when all seems lost. That is the time you need to have a passion for what you are doing - that is the solid foundation of your business. Without it, it can be overwhelming at times and, frankly, you may just give up. So give some thought to your business. Do you, in fact, have a passion to make it successful?

The second is Tolerance for Risk. Even with all the training and counseling SCORE can provide, we cannot make your business risk free. We can certainly help you minimize the risk but we cannot make it "zero." Every business owner is different, when it comes to the ability to tolerate risk. SCORE can help you to minimize that risk by teaching you good business and management practices, but we cannot make it "go away." That is not to say you cannot enter a business with a low tolerance for risk. What is important is that you know what your risk tolerance level is when making those business decisions, so that you can live comfortably with those decisions.

So consider those two requirements. If you are comfortable with both, then I suggest that you forge ahead with your idea or concept and go about the process of getting a business started, or perhaps purchasing or operating an existing business. SCORE can help - for the life of your business.